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While most of the methods being used these days to help whiten and brighten teeth are considered relatively harmless, they could have certain hazards involved in their use. The hazards might involve irritation of the gums, greater than before sensitivity, and technicolour teeth.

Over Sensitivity of the Teeth
An intensification in sensitivity to touch, pressure, and heat can be experienced as a outcome of bleaching. This is more expected to take place at some point in an in-office bleaching, where the higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are used. A number of patients have been known to experience shooting pains termed zingers, through the center of their front teeth. People with diminishing gums, leaking restorations or significant cracks in their teeth are at most risk for greater than before sensitivities to whitening applications. For cases of tooth sensitivity and tooth zingers, studies have revealed that redheads are more vulnerable, regardless of the risks posed or not. Commonly, tooth sensitivity triggered by bleaching therapies can remain for about a day or maybe two, yet may perhaps last for durations of approximately a month in extreme cases. Oral health care providers advise toothpastes containing potassium nitrate for patients with overly sensitive teeth.

Irritation of the Gums
More than half of the users of peroxide whiteners experience some degree of gum irritation due to elevated levels of peroxide and from contact with the whitening trays. Irritation might go on for a number of days, dissipating after the applications have stopped or the concentrations of bleaching products are lowered to a more preferred level.

Technicolor Teeth
Dental restorations such as inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers might not be affected by bleaching treatments and therefore maintain their colour while the natural teeth are whitened. The outcome is generally called ΓΆβ?¬Ε?technicolour teeth.ΓΆβ?¬?

In order to sustain your whiter smile and to extend their permanence, oral health care providers are likely to advise an at home follow-up whitening treatment that should commence immediately after or be accomplished once per year. Also, oral health care providers will repeatedly advocate to the patient the need to pass up dark-coloured drinks and certain staining foods for at least one week after a treatment session. Practicing good hygiene procedures will also help keep teeth new and fresh.

It should be noted that no amount of whitening can make your teeth ultra white and reasonably often the outcomes of the bleaching sessions will not be wholly noticeable for weeks after bleaching treatments. If restorative procedures such as aesthetic bonding, ceramic veneers or other dental restorations are required, they should be placed just after a bleaching program to take full advantage of bonding, functionality, and colour matching. Tooth coloured dental restorations may have to be replaced after whitening to avoid the technicolour effect. Also, receding gums can frequently expose their yellowish root surfaces at the gum line and that colour is extremely complicated to bleach. To finish, expecting or nursing women are recommended to wait on whitening therapies due to the likely impact of ingested bleach on the new born baby or fetus is not entirely acknowledged at this time.

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