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  • Dental Cleaning Penticton
    Professional dental cleanings are generally performed by registered oral hygienists and are concluded following your preliminary oral exam. The cleaning treatment is mostly concentrated on eliminating the calculus also known as tartar. Tartar is ... More
  • Dental Crowns Penticton
    A crown or cap is a tooth fixture specifically fabricated to re-establish to its natural functioning the anatomical exteriors of a broken or fractured tooth. Anatomical exteriors of a tooth are those areas that are observable above the gum line. ... More
  • Dental Emergencies Penticton
    Accidents to the gums and teeth may be potentially critical dental emergencies if they are ignored. The risks of permanent damage are greater if these types of incidents are neglected for too long and they may well also necessitate more extensive ... More
  • Penticton Dentures
    Removable Partial Dentures - Removable partial dentures are dental prosthetics that might be used by clients who have a few teeth missing on either the upper or lower arch. These tooth technologies are unlike bridges or implants in that they are ... More
  • Root Canal Costs Penticton
    "Root Canal" or endodontic treatment becomes necessary to save a tooth whenever the pulp of a tooth gets to be infected or dies. Commonly, the procedure is rather comfortable and can keep your teeth far healthier by preserving your tooth. ... More
  • Treatment of Bruxism Penticton
    Our lower and upper arch teeth are designed to come together smoothly, meeting simply when we are chewing or biting food. Persistent grinding and clenching propensities may perhaps break down the tooth's enamel causing splits and unusual ... More
  • Tooth Fillings Penticton
    Inlays and onlays are custom-made tooth restorations that can be fashioned out of synthetic resin, gold or ceramics. The ceramic filling is perhaps the most popular due to its resemblance to natural teeth. They must be created in a dentistry ... More
  • Teeth Crowns Penticton
    Crowns or caps are customized dental restorations that are designed to mount overtop of a damaged or broken tooth. Usually, dental crowns will be applied to envelop cracked fillings, chipped, broken, or sensitive teeth and might also be utilized ... More
  • Penticton Root Canal
    Whenever the nerve inside the tooth pulp causes irritations, becomes inflamed, it dies, people must think about root canal procedures. Many of the causes of nerve pulp swelling or death can be due to traumas to the tooth via injuries, the ... More
  • Gum Disease Penticton
    Periodontitis or periodontal disorder is a bacterial infection that leads to inflammations of the sustaining tissues of the teeth. These particular gum conditions are the primary origin of tooth loss. Gingivitis can also play a part in the loss ... More
  • Cosmetic and Restorative Implants
    Dental implants is a restorative procedure that starts with a surgically embedding an anchor in the bone to which attaches the implant (artificial teeth). Dental implants can compensate one or more teeth or provide a support structure for a ... More
  • Composite Fillings Penticton
    A composite resin white restoration could be utilized for a variety of tooth problems including the mending of fissures, splits and tooth decay. The affected part of the tooth has to be completely removed before the insertion of a synthetic ... More
  • Dental Appliances Penticton
    Mandibular splints or dental devices have been utilized by sufferers of sleep apnea and snorers alike amid many affirmative ramifications. Worn in the oral cavity during sleeping, this plastic oral device can prevent the soft tissues from ... More
  • Dental Implants Penticton
    The treatment to insert implants starts by lodging an anchor surgically into the jawbone before attaching an artificial tooth. These implants can be utilized to supply structure to a partial denture or compensate for one or more absent teeth. It ... More
  • TMJ Dentist Penticton
    Certain youngsters suffer from a disorder recognized as "bruxism". This problem might be noticed most clearly during your child's sleep as they grind and scrape their teeth. It's more uncommon for children to exhibit these signs or symptoms ... More
  • Tooth Coloured Composite Resin Fillings
    Composite resin restorations have an organic and natural, tooth-like appearance which is aesthetically pleasing. Restorations are primarily used on anterior teeth, although many patients now prefer to have composite resin fillings placed on ... More
  • Oral Cancer Screening Penticton
    During a regular dental health visit, our dentists now screen for oral cancers as premature cancer detection just could save your life. Oral cancer means there is an uncontrolled cell growth within the oral cavity and pharynx. Early warning signs ... More
  • Dentures Penticton
    For individuals who are missing more than a few teeth they might be good candidates for a partial denture or an overdenture. For those missing all of their teeth they may require a set of full dentures. The loss of teeth may have resulted from ... More
  • Sedation Dentistry Penticton
    Conscious Sedation is commonly described as a marginally depressed level of consciousness produced by pharmacological or nonpharmacologic methods, whilst enabling the client to preserve his or her power to independently maintain an airway and ... More
  • Denturist Penticton
    When there are holes left from absent teeth, it is critical to fill these spaces as each tooth should have an opposed tooth to provide support. Lacking a full compliment of teeth or opposing teeth in your bite, you may disturb some of your ... More
  • Oral Surgeons Penticton
    An oral surgeon is a oral health care provider who concentrates on treating dental implants, facial pains, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues, and restorative surgical operations along the lines of extracting wisdom teeth. Moreover, oral ... More
  • Penticton Sedation Dentistry
    Individuals who are undertaking oral health therapies, but have evident fears or anxieties about treatments may use pharmacological agents to help them loosen up. Now individuals are able to feel fully relaxed throughout their next dental health ... More
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal Penticton
    One of the more common dental health procedures clients are experiencing are wisdom teeth removals. Not every wisdom teeth will need to be removed, but many individuals simply do not possess adequate space for their teeth to comfortably fit into ... More
  • Tooth Implants Penticton
    A maxillofacial implant is an artificial root and tooth replacement used to sustain other tooth replacements that resemble a single tooth or a group of teeth. Implants once amalgamated to the jaw bone, give a permanent foundation for artificial ... More
  • Penticton Dental Implants
    Implants are very progressive artificial tooth and root restorations used to supplant any lost or missing teeth. A titanium cylinder is positioned in the bone to perform as the tooth's new root. Subsequently a new restoration like a crown or a ... More
  • Root Canal Penticton
    Whenever a tooth nerve is disrupted by decay or contamination, a root canal may be necessary. The process of a root canal is mainly focused on the complete eradication of the pulp, tooth decay and nerve. The resulting area is then filled up with ... More
  • Sedation Dentist Penticton
    Laughing gas known as Nitrous Oxide or Valium, are forms of conscious sedation that can easily be used to help you become extremely comfortable while still remaining conscious. Sedation is accessible for different types of dental treatments ... More
  • Preventative Dentistry Penticton
    A full program of pre-emptive dentistry consists of an appropriate at-home oral health care regime to be followed assiduously by the patient and chairside treatments to be carried out by a oral health care professional. The objective of ... More
  • Fluoride Treatment Penticton
    One of the most potent aids utilized in oral health to help hinder tooth decay is fluoride. It is a mineral compound that is present in some foods, fluids, and even in some residential water systems. Fluoride continues to be supported by a lot of ... More
  • Oral Care at Home - Prevention Tips
    Creating a meticulous oral home care plan is an extremely effective way you can help in maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile and will prevent you costly oral health treatments in the future. The primary goal of oral home care is to remove from ... More
  • Pediatric Dentist Penticton
    Before the birth of a newborn it is crucial to finish all oral health work because dental caries are typically transmitted from parents to their offspring. Newborns usually do not have the necessary microorganisms called streptococcus mutans that ... More
  • Dental Inlay Penticton
    There are quite a few oral health care professionals that favor custom fabricated dental restorations over the significantly less conservative crowns (caps). Functionally and aesthetically these oral health restorations are effective as these ... More
  • CEREC Crowns Penticton
    CEREC oral health fixtures are made of natural porcelain materials that are completely compatible with the human body, at the same time as sharing a lot of qualities like appearance and feel with healthy tooth enamel. Ceramic materials are ... More
  • Penticton TMJ Specialist
    The jaw joint is located just in front of the ear. For many people, this junction may click or pop when opening wide or closing the oral cavity but doesn't trigger any discomfort. Nonetheless, this might be a major source of chronic headaches and ... More
  • Reshaping and Contouring
    There is an option for the many patients who just want minimal changes to the look and shape of their teeth called tooth contouring, which can be done in addition to professional tooth whitening. This oral health treatment is pain free and can be ... More
  • Geriatric Dentist Penticton
    The Canadian populace on the whole is growing older. The proportion of those Canadians who are 65 years of age or older is somewhere around 14%, according to Statistics Canada, and this ratio is subject to climb to in excess of 20% to around 23 ... More
  • Air Abrasion Dentistry Penticton
    The drill free method is recent to oral health care and enables the dental clinician to carry out painless treatments for the most anxious of patients. Drill free has all the benefits that are currently being offered by the standard dentistry ... More
  • TMJ Specialist Penticton
    Neuromuscular dentistry is the care of issues of TMJ or temporomandibular joint syndrome which is associated to the functioning amid the upper and lower teeth. This coming together of the upper and lower jaw is referred to as 'occlusion' or ... More
  • Crowns for Teeth Penticton
    A tooth crown, also known as a cap, can be applied to help strengthen and protect a tooth's anatomy that can't be restored with fillings or other dental restorations. They are designed to envelop the total exterior of a tooth and restore it to ... More
  • Dental Fillings Penticton
    Inlays and onlays are typically fabricated from porcelain materials and are a more organic looking fixture than silver amalgams. Their organic look makes them nearly impossible to distinguish from existing teeth and are strong enough to be ... More
  • Penticton Sedation Dentist
    In order to make sure that people remain tranquil and peaceful, medical remedies dependent on sleep or sedation can be employed for dental treatments. This type of medication called sedatives influence the central nervous system, typically those ... More
  • Neuromuscular Jaw Joint Disorders
    Temporomandibular joints are the jaw joints and muscles used to close and open your mouth. TMJ disorders can originate from injury to the jaw and face regions, grinding teeth, biting problems, jaw clenching, whiplash, and even improper posture ... More
  • Bite Splints Penticton
    There is a considerable percentage of the populace that sooner or later in their life, will develop a clenching or grinding pattern and the majority won't ever be able to identify it until their oral health care professional suggests it or a ... More
  • Amalgam Fillings Penticton
    Silver amalgam restorations can persist for many years but will ultimately begin to tarnish and corrode. When this happens, the restoration repels away from the tooth and forms an opening. Microbes are then able to enter the opening producing ... More
  • Teaching Kids of to Brush their Teeth Penticton
    Support for Youngsters to Understand Suitable Brushing Tactics There are many simple ways for young ones to be taught that will enable them to keep their teeth beautiful and healthy. By keeping with these beneficial hints, kids will be able ... More
  • Tooth Restoration Penticton
    An inlay or onlay tooth filling is normally utilized to repair teeth that have suffered minimal to average damage. Teeth that even now have sufficient structure to prop up restorations yet do not need the additional support of a dental crown. ... More

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The beautiful city of Penticton is located within the Southern Interior of British Columbia within the Okanagan Valley. The city of Penticton sits right between scenic lakes, Skaha Lake and Okanagan Lake, making it an ideal location for boating, fishing and water sports. Both lakes have gorgeous beaches and thus the city has become an exciting tourist spot. The population during 2010 was 37,721.

Penticton is home to several recreational opportunities which can be enjoyed year round. For instance, Apex Mountain Resort offers exciting and challenging vertical runs for snow boarders and skiers. There is the Kettle Valley Railway Trail which provides a great opportunity for biking and hiking. The Skaha Bluffs are well-known for rock climbing. All through wintertimes, Penticton Vees, the BCHL hockey team, play...